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Best Performing Students

  • Name:PIUS OMATA PAUL<br>Class:Jss2  Avg:92.50
  • Name:AKOWE WINIFRED OMOJO<br>Class:SS1  Avg:89.61
  • Name:ALEFIYA  JOSIAH BENJAMIN<br>Class:Jss1  Avg:92.65
  • Name:EMMANUEL MATTHEW SOLOMON<br>Class:Jss3  Avg:91.20
  • Name:BEN FAVOUR VICTOR<br>Class:SS2  Avg:90.93
  • Data Not Available for SS3
  • Name:AJAM OJOTOGBA SPENCER<br>Class:Nursery1  Avg:99.82
  • Name:BENJAMIN BENSON ENYOOJO<br>Class:Nursery2  Avg:99.67
  • Data Not Available for Nursery3
  • Name:AJAM KEDONOJO OTHNIEL<br>Class:Primary1  Avg:96.87
  • Name:OMALE AMIRAT OMALE<br>Class:Primary2  Avg:91.88
  • Name:BEATRICE AJAM<br>Class:Primary3  Avg:89.50
  • Name:FERIDA  U. SEIDU<br>Class:Primary4  Avg:92.63
  • Name:ANNEX OJODOMO<br>Class:Primary5  Avg:97.63
  • Name:SULEIMAN ABUBAKAR<br>Class:Nursery1B  Avg:100.00
  • Name:JOSEPH PRAISE<br>Class:Nursery2B  Avg:99.08
  • Name:NOEL OJONUYO DESIRE<br>Class:Primary1B  Avg:96.07
  • Name:JOSIAH GIFT<br>Class:Primary3B  Avg:88.13
  • Name:OKPUGA JAPHET<br>Class:Primary2B  Avg:96.38
  • Name:AKUBO MERCY<br>Class:Primary4B  Avg:93.19
  • Name:MIKAIL  ALMUBARAK OMALE<br>Class:Primary5B  Avg:86.94
  • Name:SUMEYA ABUBAKAR<br>Class:Pre-Nursery  Avg:99.45
  • Data Not Available for Primary3C

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